Telephone consultation

I offer a free 15-30 minute telephone consultation to discuss your current situation and the problem areas you may like to address.  This is also an opportunity for you to get a feel for the way I work and see if it feels right for you.


Individual occupational therapy sessions

Occupational therapy sessions are 60 minutes and cost £70


As we develop and work towards your goals we might have later sessions in the communty. This is so that we can explore occupations that it  isn't possible to do at the therapy centre. For example; cooking, cycling, attending a class.


This will depend on the goals you develop and the level of support you need to achieve these goals.  The  charge for these would be based on the duration and focus of the session and distance travelled. The price would be agreed as part of the session planning process.

Following our inital session, I recommend booking either four or six sessions depending on the focus of the work.

This allows time for the whole process to be completed:


  • discussing your current situation and difficulties

  • identifying goals

  • making a detailed plan

  • time to make changes

  • space to reflect on the experience

You will keep all materials used throughout the sessions and I will provide a review document at the end of therapy.


This can be an informal overview of the work we've done and tools and strategies developed or as a formal Occupational Therapy Report if required.

Anxiety Management Group


The Anxiety Management Group consists of 8 group sessions and will be held at Insight Therapy centre. 

Each session is 2 hours long.

The first six sessions are weekly and will focus on building an individual understanding of how anxiety impacts on your daily life, your health and your well being. This will culminate in the creation of individual action plans detailing new tools, techniques and strategies for managing thoughts, feelings and anxiety. There will then be time for indiviudals to implement their plans with some telphone and/or email support before the final two review sessions which are two weeks and then three weeks apart.

The total cost for the whole groupwork programme is £340 per person.

This includes all group therapy sessions, support telephone calls and materials used throughout the course.

Discount (for individual occupational therapy sessions)

10% discount available for those on low income/unwaged (following initial introductory session).

10% discount available when booking a block of 6 sessions (following initial introductory session).