What to expect

Telephone consultation​​

I offer an initial telephone consultation of 15-30 minutes. This is for you to tell me a little bit about the things you are struggling with and for me to tell you a bit more about me. It's also an opportunity to get a feel for the way I work and decide if that fits for you.

Ringing Phone

Initial meeting

The initial meeting is for us to discuss in more detail your current difficulties, the things you might hope to gain from occupational therapy and to agree some initial goals. As part of this meeting I'll ask you about your general health, any other health professionals you see and talk about any risk that is relevent to the work we'll be doing.

Individual occupational therapy sessions

Together, we'll work towards you gaining a better understanding of yourself in terms of the things you do, what they mean to you and how they contribute to your sense of identity, health and wellbeing.

I offer:

  • a place to think about your current routines, habits and activities and how these impact on your health
  • tools, strategies, support and motivation to make the changes you want
  • a way to reflect on these changes to make sure that they work for you in your life
  • an overall process that leads to sustainable change that can improve your health and well being
We will use a mix of conversation, written tasks and occupational engagement (trying out an activity to see if it helps).
There will be work to do at home whether this be completing diaries or other written tasks, trying out different strategies we've discussed in session or trying out a new occupation. This helps to make sure that the work we do in the sessions is relevant and meaningful to you outside of the therapy room.
Sessions are usually weekly or fortnightly, whichever works best for you.
The focus on what your daily life is like in the present will lead to realistic and achievable goals focused on what you would like to be different in the future.