Life After Lockdown: a virtual group

Do you feel that lockdown has changed your perspective?
How ready are you to hold onto the good bits, jettison the bad and make the useful stuff stick when lockdown lifts and the usual pressures and pace of life start to return?

As, we start to plan how and when we'll all be able to come out if this winter lockdown, you might be experiencing a range of emotions:

  • Relief that there’s a possibility of ‘normal’ on the horizon.

  • Excitement that we get to see friends and family again.

  • Worry about what a return to 'normal' life will be like with all the changes to logistics and routines that will entail.

  • Perhaps after so long in relative isolation you're thinking about how it’ll be to be back in a busier environment, both physically and socially, and wondering how that’s going to impact on you and your life.

  • Maybe, the pace of life in lockdown has suited you and finding motivation and energy to engage with more demands, expectations and activities feels a bit overwhelming.

  • Or it might be that looking towards the potential end of this period you are feeling reflective and want to take time out to think about how this experience has influenced you and your life- the positives and the negatives.

Whatever youre thinking, we can offer a space, time and structure to help you work out what you need to know from your experience and how to use that knowledge going forwards.

LIfe After Lockdown is a virtual group programme that offers:

Image by Agê Barros
  • the space and time to stop and think

somewhere you can take the time to recognise the uniqueness of this unusual period in time and its impact on your personal habits, routines, and daily life

  • a place to be with other people (virtually!)

and share how this experience has impacted on your outlook and goals for the future

Image by Chris Montgomery
  • a place to make conscious and purposeful choices about your future life and routines

    • what you want to keep

    • what you don’t want in your life post lock down

    • how to make the changes you want achievable, practical and sustainable.

This is what people are saying about Life After Lockdown

“life changing”

“hearing everyone else's stories and thinking was very interesting and gave me different perspective on my own situation”.  

I don't think there is anything that needs improving, the only thing is I would like to re-visit it all again when we can finally be the other side of lockdown and the workbook will help me to look at this

“linking actions to values makes everything make more sense” 

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Kate Ball, founder of Mini-First Aid says: “we wanted to offer some support to our franchisees after such a difficult year. Life After Lockdown and Kate have made this really straightforward and easy to do. Kate has run this course for all our franchisees and I can confirm it is absolutely brilliant and they are all gushing about Life after Lockdown”

“often now I find myself reflecting on some aspect we have covered, it helps provide structure to analyse situations and generate options.”

“It helped me to break down my activities in life, to recognise the time and choices that are available to me, to consider how my thinking and approach is particular to me, and reveal my values, assumptions, preferences. It made me realise that I am better able to make positive change than I'd previously thought.”

“it was very personal, even in a group setting”.

"A calming, friendly voice and attitude. You made the sessions feel amazing, safe and a place where we could all open up and share. The sessions themselves were structured and broken down perfectly to tackle everything you wanted us to learn in a simple and effective way. I will take all I have learned and it will stay with me for a long time. Your sessions have changed my life. Thank you for helping me get some balance back where I was feeling wobbly for so long."

"It has allowed to me regain structure and order, which for me are important."



Individual: £250

Group prices available, please contact to discuss


Each group programme includes:

  • 10.5 hours of group sessions

  • support phone calls

  • emails

  • catch up sessions as needed throughout the 10 weeks of the programme.

Discounts may be available, please get in touch to discuss

If you'd like a chat about the group for:

  • yourself

  • a group of friends

  • a community group

  • as an employer

please contact me on:

Tel: 07966 964 316