Life after lock down: a virtual group

Do you feel that lockdown has changed your perspective?
How ready are you to hold onto the good bits, jettison the bad and make the useful stuff stick when lockdown lifts and the usual pressures and pace of life start to return?

Do you want to use this period of change to stop and think about what you want in your life as we all start to return to 'normal' life?

If you do, I'm offering a virtual group programme designed to give you:

  • a place to be with other people (virtually!)

and share how this experience has impacted on your outlook and goals for the future

  • the space and time to stop and think

somewhere you can take the time to recognise the uniqueness of this unusual period in time and its impact on your personal habits, routines, and daily life

  • a place to make conscious and purposeful choices about your future life and routines

    • what you want to keep

    • what you don’t want in your life post lock down

    • how to make the changes you want achievable, practical and sustainable.

We aim to create a supportive environment where you can explore the positives and the challenges of lock down and provide space to think about the potential worries and goals you may have for post-lockdown life.

For further information please contact me on:

Tel: 07966 964 316