Anxiety management group

An occupational approach to anxiety: using what you do to change how you feel.

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If you find that lots of thinking, worrying or feelings of being overwhelmed or anxious stop you being able to focus on and enjoy the present or plan for the future then this anxiety management group might be useful for you.
I'm Kate Binnington, an occupational therapist with a number of years experience working in mental health in the NHS. I think that everything we do each day is important; from mundane chores to hobbies, work, looking after ourselves and others and more.
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What we do is important to how we feel about ourselves, our sense of identity and our quality of life.

Here at the group, we will offer a place to think about what anxiety means to you and explore how it impacts on the things you do (and don't do) in your day to day life.

We work from the idea that the things we do impact on our health and our health impacts on the things we do.

This means that we understand how anxiety can affect daily life. The good thing is we also know that making changes to what you do and how you do them can have positive impact for your health and well being.


We'll support you to explore what works for you and find different sensory, environmental and practical strategies and techniques to help you manage your anxiety so you can get on with the things you want to do.

By making small changes to your daily routines and habits you can change how you feel.


Course length: 8 sessions

                           (2 hours each session)

For further information or to book please contact me on:

Tel: 07966 964 316