My experience, interest and focus is working in mental health.


I know that people are living lives where things may look okay to others but on the inside they are struggling with emotional difficulties.


This might be because of anxiety, depression, autism spectrum conditions or simply a sense that something just doesn't feel right.


Occupational therapy can help. I can help.


You can feel more in control, more balanced and have better health and wellbeing.

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Small changes in daily routines and habits can make a big difference to how you feel.


Occupational therapy isn't just about work although that's sometimes what it sounds like. It is about everything we do in our day to day lives from cooking, working, running, reading or even skydiving.


As an occupational therapist I'm interested in finding out what you do in your life and what that means to you.

The process of occupational therapy gives you a structured way to look at how you're doing things now and offers support to think about which parts of this are working and which parts aren't working.


It's a place to try out something different, to make practical changes to how you structure your day and to explore new ways of managing thoughts and emotions.


This process is not one of looking back but one of examining what you do in the here and now to work towards a more positive future.